John Batiste and Robert Mixon Jr. have spent more than 80 years combined them serving in military and private-sector leadership positions, and now they are using their experience to help other leaders.

The two have started Level Five Associates, a consulting firm that works with leaders across the military, corporate and non-profit sectors.

For Batiste, much of the work centers on lessons he took from his time at the helm of Klein Steel Service Inc. Batiste was president and CEO until 2012, and during that time helped the company earn many accolades, including as one of 10 IndustryWeek “Best Plants in North America.”

Batiste, who has since become president and CEO of Buffalo Armory LLC, a startup producing armor and high-strength steel for defense and commercial markets, also served as a major general in the U.S. Army, retiring from active duty in 2005.

Mixon served more than 33 years in the U.S. Army, and at his retirement was commanding general of Division West, First Army and Fort Carson Colorado. He later did a stint as president of Magnatag Visible Systems in Macedon. In 2009, Mixon left to become executive vice president of CDS Monarch Inc., a Webster-based non-profit organization that provides life and job-transition assistance to people with developmental disabilities.

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