I would like to share with you, some information that CDS has received from the OPWDD regarding the development of the People First Waiver. I would encourage you to review the information below, and consider participating in one of the forums being held, as an advocate for your loved one.


Additionally, CDS is working on some new initiatives to increase family involvement within the agency.  One of the ways that we would like to get families involved is by creating a family advocacy group.  This group will focus on topics, like the People First Waiver, which affect the types of services that agencies are able to provide to individuals with disabilities.  Anyone interested in being a part of this group is invited to contact Rebecca Ziobrowski at 585-347-1241 or rziobrowski@cdsunistel.org for more details. A meeting schedule and more information will be coming in the near future. 



Sankar Sewnauth


CDS, Inc.