As you may have heard and seen from the media coverage, CDS’ Janes Road residence had a fire early Friday morning.  I am very pleased to report, all of the women who live there and staff made it out safely and unharmed.    I would like to extend many thanks to staff for acting quickly and proactively. I am especially proud of our Janes Road Residence Manager, who remained calm, was aware of the surroundings, noticed the incident and moved quickly to evacuate the two individuals who were at the home, before the fire alarm went off. The CDS residential team is working diligently to temporarily relocate the eight females who were living there.  As reported by the Monroe County fire coordinator, smoking materials, discarded in the cigarette disposal can, were blamed as the cause of the fire. It was concluded that the smoking receptacle was too close to the house, causing the fire to spread to the house and attic.  Moving forward, we will use this situation as an opportunity to make changes that will prevent this from happening again. It is so important that we continue to keep our environments safe and to be conscience of surroundings and activity.   As you know, CDS takes every measure to keep the individuals we support safe. This is always the number one priority at CDS. We have routine fire safety training and drills to help individuals be prepared, should an event like this occur. Thank you to everyone involved today whose actions ensured this.