Lynne's Story

Lynne MacConnell never dreamed of the impact she could make for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Seniors, and Veterans. Lynne was introduced to CDS Monarch in the early 1980s through her step-son, Bruce. Bruce was born prematurely, leading to profound deafness and other developmental disabilities. Bruce’s father, and Lynne’s late husband, Rev. Eugene MacConnell, was a key founder and donor of CDS Monarch’s Culver Road residence. It was his dream to create a place where Bruce and his peers could live as independently as possible. More than 25 years later, Bruce is still able to live in his own home, and he enjoys many activities with his housemates, including bowling, doing puzzles, and watching Nascar. Bruce continues to receive Service Coordination through CDS Monarch, and is excited to be starting his retirement with CDS Monarch’s Day Services. Bruce is also able to contribute to the CDS Wolf Foundation Pooled Trust, in support of his own financial future! With the assistance Bruce and his peers receive from CDS Monarch, they are able to truly engage with their family, friends and community.

Today, Lynne and her husband, Len Franklin, continue to support Bruce and his peers through their involvement with the CDS Wolf Foundation. Thanks to their ongoing generosity in gifts of cash and stocks, serving on committees, and supporting agency events whenever possible, Len and Lynne are working to ensure CDS Monarch services have the funding they need, today and in the future. But they haven’t stopped there! Upon learning about Warrior Salute Veteran Services, a CDS Life Transitions company that assists Veterans, Len and Lynne expanded their fundraising efforts to make an even larger impact! Len and Lynne share a passion to ensure that all people assisted by CDS Life Transitions are able to live with the highest quality opportunities.

“At times, it was easy for me to sit back and think that CDS Monarch would just take care of things. Bruce has always been so well cared for and had his CDS Monarch family supporting his needs,” shares Lynne MacConnell. “With ongoing state budget changes, I now realize how very important it is for families and our community to be more involved!”
With Len’s support and encouragement, Lynne joined the CDS Wolf Foundation Board of Directors to be an advocate and liaison for CDS Monarch family members. Len, Lynne, and Bruce hope to inspire you to become more involved with CDS Monarch and to make a gift to the CDS Wolf Foundation!

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