Colleen wanted to give back to others. She was a single mother with four children in her 30’s faced with the challenges of everyday living. When she was 27 she had two wonderful sons that were 3 months premature and faced life and death daily for the first years of their lives; and many more challenges throughout their school years. The wonderful professionals that kept them alive each day in the NICU and the teachers who helped them succeed made Colleen realize she could do more to help others in ways she had never dreamed of. 

Coleen got her first job in 1995 at a group home for adults with developmental disabilities at the ARC of Monroe County. She loved the challenges of advocating for the individuals who looked to her and the other staff for guidance, love, acceptance and help with daily hurdles.

She longed for a larger challenge, so while continuing her work at the ARC she went to The Rochester School of Practical Nursing where she graduated in June 1996 as the Valedictorian of her class.

After graduation, she looked for a job surrounding adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, which she had found I had a passion for. She worked as an agency nurse in a variety of settings until she found CDS Monarch where she was hired in September of 1997. She currently provides services at three CDS Monarch day programs, providing clinical supports to an average of 100 people with intellectual and developmental disabilities daily.

Because of all of her hard work, Colleen was selected as a recipient of the RBJ Healthcare Achievement Award in the special needs category. Please join us in congratulating her!

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