Valarie started at CDS Monarch in February of 1988 as a support specialist at Webster Creative Opportunities. One year later, she was promoted to treatment coordinator, and in 2008 she came to the Wolf Life Transitions Center when the building first opened. In 2010 she became site manager of Blended Creative Opportunities where she currently serves, supervising DSPs and treatment coordinators. She also supervises Transitions, Active Seniors and Recreation

"Val is very dedicated to the individuals and her staff, and she places the operations of her programs at the forefront every day," CDS Monarch Director of Person-Centered Services Jayme Sharpe said. "Val is always willing to assist whenever and wherever she is needed. Her continued commitment to CDS Monarch is truly appreciated."

Valarie said she likes working at CDS Monarch because she learns something new every day. "The individuals teach me how to be a better person." She recalled one of her first cases working as a treatment coordinator at Webster Creative Opportunities. "A family member told me 'I'm trusting you with my stepdaughter and trusting you with keeping her safe.' It put a new aspect on my job and what I was there for."

In her spare time, Valarie enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, gardening and going to the gym.

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"Mission Champion: Valarie Daniels"

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