The Autism Skill Building group took a trip to Webster Park Wednesday, October 12th where they set up a small catapult to launch pumpkins and apples as part of a team building exercise. It was a perfect day for it, being unseasonably warm for October and the sun shining. The kids were eager to use the catapult and, after a few shots, immediately began working out ways to improve the catapult and make it launch even further.

In addition to the catapult, the group also worked with a large rubber band and a canvas bag to see if it could work as well as the catapult. At first, the bag only served to fire the apples backward, so the kids tried folding the bag in different ways, and they even tried not using a bag at all, but nothing seemed to work quite as well as the catapult.

In the end, the kids had a competition to see who could throw an apple the furthest. Ultimately, they had a great time and were able to work together and learn some teamwork and teambuilding skills.

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"Autism Skill Building Teaches Teamwork Through Pumpkin Catapulting"

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