Chris Ryan started in December of 1999 as an Accounts Payable Coordinator, where she currently serves today. Her daily tasks include, but aren't limited to, processing invoices and payments for our vendors, processing advances and reimbursements for staff and processing checks. Chris said that with the increased business at Unistel Industries, the demand for processing has increased.

"Chris is always willing to work with staff if they need help understanding our billing systems," Accounting Manager II Ana Nikolovska said. She has a great attitude and likes to investigate and solve problems."

Chris said she likes working here because she likes the challenge. "I like being busy. I like balancing things and figuring things out. I like the people." Chris said she works with a great group of people who are hard working and conscientious. "I'm very proud," she said. "We always work hard and get good audits as a result."

"I was in banking for 25 years before this," Chris said. "I wanted a change of careers but wanted to stick with numbers, so I got a job here."

In her spare time, Chris enjoys spending time with her four grandchildren (with one on the way!), golfing, gardening and reading.

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"Mission Champion: Chris Ryan, CDS Life Transitions"

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