The Hard Road workshop Prevocational program assists and works with the people we serve to help prepare them to move on to a more independent work setting. The individuals work on skills including but not limited to following directions, staying focused on their assigned work task, and respecting their peers and staff. The work floor has been using 3-D Lego sets of iconic buildings from around the world, like the Empire State Building, the United Nations Building and the Sydney Opera House to help with these skills.  Each Lego set comes with a booklet of directions accompanied by pictures to show how many of what piece is needed as well as where it should be assembled on the model.

Just recently, one group of individuals worked together with a production supervisor to complete the Trevi Fountain, located in Rome, Italy. This specific group was able to complete this in about 3 ½ days. When they were asked what they thought about the activity, they said that they all learned that teamwork helped them learn how to work together as a group with other peers and staff. The individuals also said they learned the importance of listening to staff and following directions, as well as being able to support and praise peers when they did a good job. The individuals showed a true sense of pride with this activity and they all expressed how proud they were of each other.

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"Individuals Bring Lego Italy to CDS Monarch"

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