The College at Brockport hosted this year's New York State Summer Games Saturday, June 11th. Approximately 1,800 athletes and coaches from all across New York State participated. CDS Monarch had 17 track and field athletes and four aquatic athletes, with seven coaches participating.

Each CDS Monarch athlete earned at least one medal in their competition, with most earning more than one. 

The track athletes participating were Jeff A., Lauren D., Christine E., Robert G., Matt G., Mark H.,  Eric J., Mark L.,  Kevin M., Ken M., Colby M., Wayne P., Justin P., Jordan R., Amanda V., Mike T. and Kris W. They were coached by Ed Mosta, Aimee Warden, Anto Beslic, George Vito, Sharon Vito and Karen Warden.

The aquatic athletes participating were John B., Josh M., Craig N. and Jeremy P. They were coached by John Housel. 

Before the competition, the CDS Monarch attended the opening ceremony on Friday night.

It was great fun and an experience for all. This was the first State Games attended by some of the CDS Monarch athletes: Colby M., Jordan R., Matt, G., Robert G. and Justin P.

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"CDS Monarch Special Olympics Athletes Bring Home Medals at NY State Summer Games"

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