Danielle started at CDS Monarch in September of 2006. She currently works in our Roxwell Court residence as a Support Specialist helping people with intellectual and developmental disabilities achieve their personal goals. Sometimes those goals include communication goals, making their own decisions and helping them learn basic household tasks.

"Danielle is devoted to the individuals in this home," Sarah Gardner, Roxwell Court Residence Manager, said. "She truly cares about the individuals and their well-being. She is an advocate to 2 ladies and ensures they get everything they need, from going on medical appointments, going out into the community, taking trips and throwing fun birthdays for the ladies. She is a hard worker and is very knowledgeable about each and every one of the individuals. She has made it her mission to ensure the individuals are happy, healthy and always building positive relationships with one another and in the community. She is an amazing staff and it’s a pleasure to work with her."

Danielle said she likes working here "because of the individuals. I really love these guys." She talked about throwing a birthday party for one of the individuals recently, buying crowns, balloons and a cake for the house. Danielle said she chose to work at CDS Monarch because a manager told her how great it is working here.

In her spare time, Danielle enjoys watching movies, reading, and playing word games.

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"Mission Champion: Danielle Shine"

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