The College at Brockport hosted the Special Olympics Genesee Regional Senior Basketball Tournament Sunday, April 3rd. One team from CDS Monarch participated.

The CDS Monarch team finished in second place in their division, earning a silver medal. The team consisted of Dale C., Lauren D., Christine E., Javis H., Mark H., Eric J., Kenny K., Mark L., Ken M., Mike T., Ryan T., Amanda V. and Maggie W. The team was coached by George Vito, Anto Beslic and Dave Roberts. 

Competing at the skills level were Chris C., earning a gold medal, Kevin M., earning a gold medal, Paul S., earning a bronze medal, and Kris W., earning a 4th place ribbon. The skills group was coached by John Housel.

Congratulations and good job to the team and the coaches!

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"CDS Monarch Athletes Score Medals at Regional Basketball Tournament"

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