As a company that provides services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, CDS Monarch officially recognizes April as Autism Awareness Month. CDS Monarch offers innovative services for people on the autism spectrum, such as Autism Skill Building, which helps people diagnosed with autism learn social skills in group and community settings.

“Every day, the children that come to Autism Skill Building are exposed to a structured peer setting where they are able to learn and practice appropriate social skills in hopes that they can then use those skills in their everyday lives,” Autism Skill Building Coordinator Makenzie Finnemore said.  

“Just the other day, a kid who doesn’t typically engage others in conversation overheard a peer talking about a movie and willingly went up and asked him about the movie, and the two had a great conversation together. Something like that may seem small to some, but is a huge step for these kids. It shows us that the skills we work on are really sticking with them and being incorporated into their social worlds.”


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"CDS Monarch Helps Kids with Autism Become more Social"

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