Stephanie has been with CDS Monarch since 2008 and is a treatment coordinator for Active Seniors and Transitions Services. Her duties include helping the individuals come up with and achieve goals, training staff, assisting the seniors with their Meals on Wheels duties and helping the Transitions Services participants work on their prevocational goals, among others.

"Stephanie assists the Active Seniors with Meals on Wheels, shopping and seasonal outings to the local farm markets," Valarie Daniels said. Valarie manages the day services and recreation activities at the Wolf Life Transitions Center. "Stephanie assists Transitions Services with a variety of recreation, including fitness and swimming. She also helps to plan the Community Pre-vocational volunteer outings and the curriculum for job readiness. Stephanie is very dedicated to the individuals she serves!"

Stephanie said her favorite aspect of working at CDS Monarch is "working with the individuals" so she can help them be successful. 

In her spare time, Stephanie said she enjoys hiking, camping and gardening.

Thank you, Stephanie, for all your hard work and dedication!

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"Staff Highlight: Stephanie Hildreth"

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