The Genesee Special Olympic Regional Bowling Tournament was held on Friday and Saturday, November 6th and 7th, at Clover Lanes.

Due to the large number of participants for this event, there were three sessions with 200 plus bowlers each. CDS Monarch had 30 bowlers who participated in the second session. Below are CDSM bowlers and their results.  

The bowlers were coached by CDSM Special Olympic Coaches Dave Roberts, Armand Gallucci, John Housel and Bill Warden

Bowling is the last Special Olympic Tournament of the year, but the next sport, snowshoeing, is just a few weeks away. This gives the coaches and athletes a chance to rest and enjoy the holidays.

Gold Medal Winners
Maureen B.
Richard R.
Marcus C.
Chris C.
Steve G.
Eric J.
Mike T.
Amanda V.
Kris W.

Silver Medal Winners

Marc D.
Lauren D.
Roy F.
Kevin M.
Jacob R.
Amy R.
Jeff R.

Bronze Medal Winners
Dale C.
Frank D.
Pam D.
Jessie D.
Matt G.
David M.
Scott M.
Paul S.

4th Place Finish
Major H.
Maureen K.
Debbie M.
Wayne P.
Maggie W.

5th Place Finish
Chuckie D.

Congratulations to all athletes!

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