Marlene DiSalvatore started at CDS Monarch July 16th, 2007 as a Support Specialist. Her tasks include caring for the individuals at the CDS Monarch Hardwood Road residence. She said she likes to ensure the individuals are happy and that all their needs are met. "I try to help them be as independent as possible and let them do their own thing on a daily basis."

"Marlene has gone above and beyond in many ways," Residence Manager Sandra Gross said. "She has so much compassion and respect for all the individuals and staff at Hardwood. She is a great example of being a team player and I am so grateful to have her as a part of my team."
Marlene said her favorite part of working at CDS Monarch is "the feeling [the individuals] give you when you come into work because they know you care. That's the most satisfying part of my job." She said she enjoys seeing the individuals be happy, accomplish their goals and get out into the community as much as possible, doing things they like to do.
Marlene also said, when working with the individuals, listening and talking with them are important. "Give them 10 minutes to sit down and let them tell you about their day. It makes them more responsive; more positive." She said it's important to always make sure there is a positive environment, and to "let the guys be who they are, and give them time to verbalize and communicate their wants and needs daily."
Marlene is a dedicated caregiver who spends most of her time supporting the individuals we serve as well as her family.
Thank you, Marlene, for your dedication and service!

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