The New York State Summer Games were held the weekend of June 5th and 6th at the College at Brockport. Over 2,000 athletes from across all New York State participated, 16 of whom competed for CDS Monarch.

252 athletes participated in the Aquatic Competition, four of whom were CDS Monarch athletes, coached by Bill Warden.

Josh M., 25 Meter Freestyle: Gold
Craig N., 25 Meter Freestyle and 25 Meter Back Stroke: Silver
Kris W., 25 Meter Backstroke: Silver
John B., 25 Meter Freestyle: Bronze
Kris W., 25 Meter Freestyle: 4th place
John B., 25 Meter Backstroke: 4th place
Josh M., 25 Meter Backstroke: 5th place
John B., Josh M., Craig N. and Kris W., 4x25: 6th place

472 athletes participated in the track and field events, 12 of whom were CDS Monarch athletes, coached by head coach Aimee Warden, John Housel, Clark Taylor, Sharon Vito, Karen Warden, Anto Beslic and George Vito.

Jeff A., Kevin M., Ken M., Ryan T. and Amanda V., Shot Put: Gold
Jeff A., Ken M., Lauren D. and Amanda V., 100 Meter Dash: Gold
Ken M., 50 Meter Dash: Gold
Amanda V., 200 Meter Dash: Gold
Steven B., Lauren D. and Pam D., Shot Put: Silver
Lauren D., 50 Meter Dash: Silver
Eric J. Christine E., Shot Put: Bronze
Pam D., 50 Meter Dash and 100 Meter Dash: Bronze
Kevin M., Softball Throw: Bronze
Eric J., 200 Meter Dash: Bronze
Christine E., Steve B. and Mike Taver., 50 Meter Dash and 100 Meter Dash: 4th place
Ryan T., 50 Meter Dash: 4th place
Eric J., 100 Meter Dash: 5th place
Ryan T., 100 Meter Dash: 6th place
Mike T., Shot Put: 6th place
Jeff A., 50 Meter Dash: 7th place

CDS Monarch had two 4X100 Meter Relay Teams
Team A: Eric J., Mike T., Ryan T. and Amanda Vito - Silver
Team B: Christine E., Steven B., Jeff A. and Ken M. - Bronze

Pam D. filled in with the Great Tigers from Rochester in the relay, and their team took Bronze in their division.

Lauren D. filled in with the Genesee Lightning from Batavia in the relay, and their team also took Bronze in their division.

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