Anto Beslic has worked at CDS Monarch for fifteen years, serving as a van driver. Anto's primary responsibility is transporting the individuals to and from the Wolf Center, but he said one of his biggest responsibilities is safety. "I like to help people with extra needs," Anto said. "I care about safety."

"Anto is reliable, respectful, safe and efficient when it comes to his transportation duties," Transportation Program Manager Carlos Morales said. "In addition, Anto is well-liked by his peers and families as he carries himself in a professional and respectful manner."

In addition to enjoying helping the individuals we serve, Anto said he enjoys working at CDS Monarch because "there is a good relationship between all staff and management."

In his free time, Anto enjoys playing tennis with his friends and spending time with his family.

Thank you, Anto, for your dedication to safety and the individuals we serve!

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"Staff Highlight: Anto Beslic"

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