Judy Montana has worked at CDS Monarch for the past 17 years. She started at the Macedon Road home, helped start the Linden Creative Opportunities day program, worked at the Wolf Center, returned to LCO, and now works in Community Habilitation as a support specialist. Her duties include working with the individuals by teaching them how to cook, use the appliances, and helping them make sure their homes are clean. She also takes them out into the community so they can buy groceries and helps them use coupons, count change, and balance their checkbooks.

"Judy is a reliable staff member who always follows up with individuals she is working with," Community Habilitation Program Manager Zaula Kennedy said. "She's able to encourage her individuals to be more independent every time she meets with them, and she has the ability of shaping each community habilitation experience based on the needs of each person."

Judy said her favorite part of the job is that the individuals enjoy her company. "They want me there and want to learn something new all the time," she said. "They love it." She also offered the advice to her fellow staff, "Listen to the individuals. They know how to advocate for themselves. They know what they want and if they like it."

In an effort to go above and beyond, Judy keeps her work cell phone on during the weekends. "Some individuals like to give me good news on the weekends," she said. "It's important to them that they get ahold of me."

In her spare time, Judy enjoys cooking and baking with her grandson.

Thank you, Judy, for your compassion and dedication to those we serve! We appreciate everything you do!

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