Patricia Calhoun joined the CDS Monarch team in March 2013 as a Support Specialist at Linden Creative Opportunities (LCO). In November 2013 she transitioned to her current position as a Support Specialist for Community Living, where she spends her days assisting five to seven individuals who are living at home or in their own apartment in the community. Patricia assists each individual, for about 2-4 hours each week, with a variety of independent living skills, that include: filling prescriptions, navigating public transportation, cooking, completing forms and paperwork, and shopping. Patricia also goes out of her way to ensure the safety and well-being of the individuals she works with, even if it means stopping by to check on someone after her work day is done.

"I just enjoy helping people to develop natural supports in their community, and seeing them become a familiar face to those that they interact with on a regular basis," says Patricia. Her advice to her fellow staff members is to "be determined, open-minded, and think outside the box."

"Patricia has been a tremendous help in the midst of several recent staff changes," shared Zaula Kennedy, Community Habilitation Program Manager. "She is very timely with her case notes, paperwork and all communication,  and she even takes the time to finish extra monthly summaries for additional people. Patricia is also very patient, motivated and understanding when it comes dealing with challenging situations."

In her free time Patricia likes to travel, cook and go to garage or yard sales. She also enjoys spending time with her three sons (one is in the Airforce, one is in the Navy, and one is in high school).

Thank you Patricia for your hard work and dedication to assisting individuals to lead more independent lives in their community!
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