Who doesn't like to go to the spa every once in awhile to get their nails done, or relieve some stress with a massage? Well, several staff at Webster Creative Opportunities (WCO) wanted to do something to help some of the individuals relax, and have an opportunity to be pampered.

Support Specialist Edith Carnamella, came up with the idea of creating "The Butterfly Spa". With the help of Nicole Barrett, Holly Packer, Jen Landrigan and Alexandra Taylor, a sensory spa now comes to life in the WCO recreation room every Thursday for two 45-minute sessions. The team sets up manicure tables, and add ambient lighting, music, and potpourri to create a comfortable sensory environment.

During each session, approximately 10 individuals enjoy visiting different stations to get their nails, hair and makeup done by the staff. One of the individuals has also assisted with the nail painting. The Butterfly Spa also offers lotion rubs, shoulder and back massages, and eyewear cleaning.

"This is a good opportunity for people to work on their social skills and get some one-on-one time with staff," shared Edith. "When we finish each session, everyone is feeling good about themselves, and they look great too!"

Thank you to the WCO staff who took the initiative to create this new opportunity and unique space for the individuals to enjoy!
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