Valerie has been a part of the CDS Monarch family for the past 22.5 years, working her way up from being a Program Assistant at Roxwell, to Manager, then on to an Associate Director position, and finally to her current job as an Incident Investigator. She is responsible for investigating and reporting on allegations, as well as, closing out internal events and investigations in the statewide database. In March of this year, Val also stepped up to take on the responsibility of being the Guardianship Coordinator for all 17 of CDS Monarch guardianees. She attends annual meetings for these individuals, visits them monthly to ensure their needs are being met, and also writes monthly reports and holds quarterly meetings for the Guardianship Committee. On top of this, Val is a lead instructor and trainer for First Aid, CPR and AED. This year she even organized and taught three First Aid sessions for individuals from residential and day services.

"I love being around the individuals, making them laugh or sharing a joke," says Val, when asked about why she loves her job. She also likes being able to share advice with fellow staff members. "Have the need to learn all that you can about your individuals and about your position." She recommends taking the time to self-educate, read up on information that is available to you and take advantage of free opportunities or trainings in the community.

"Val has really gotten to know each individual on a personal level, and always makes sure that their services are individualized," stated Erin Bostian, Senior QA Specialist. "She takes the role seriously, and she is actively involved in the progress of each person.

In her free time Val enjoys singing, drawing, and spending time with her family, friends and pets. In January she will begin coursework for her Masters degree. Thank you Valerie for being so dedicated and passionate about the people we assist at CDS Monarch!
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