Consolidated Supports and Services (CSS) is an OPWDD Home and Community Based Services waiver self-directed service option that empowers people with developmental disabilities, and their families, to design and manage services through a plan based on their individual needs and goals. Traditional services don't work for everyone and his option tends to be more cost-effective and allows for more flexibility in a person's plan. However it also puts more responsibility on the individual and their family. For CSS to work successfully, the individual needs to have a family member who can assist if they are unable to advocate for themselves.

If you have a loved one who you think might be a good fit for CSS, you should first ask yourself these questions:
  • Do you feel like the traditional services available don't meet your loved one's needs? 
  • Would your loved one like to choose, design and direct their own services? 
  • Have they tried other services and found that they didn't work well for them? 
Currently, CDS Monarch has three Medicaid Service Coordinators who are active CSS brokers - Debbie Seffens, Shannon Baxter and Elisabeth Denning - working to develop new plans or helping to maintain existing ones. Shannon Jung oversees the CSS training, and assists with intake and review of plans before they are submitted to OPWDD. If you have questions about CSS, please contact Shannon at 347-1033 or attend one of our upcoming information session on September 17th (Webster) or September 19th (Rochester).
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