August has been a busy month for the Residential teams at CDS Monarch. They have had seven moves in the last couple of weeks, which transitioned a number of individuals into more independent living situations. For Patrick G. and Michelle G. the move meant a place of their very own.

Over the past six months staff have worked diligently with Patrick and Michelle to prepare them for their transition to community living. The Residential staff and Managers Ann Marie Ludd (Lonesome), Ida Henry (Turk Hill I) and Assistant Residence Manager Alan Lanio (ARM, Turk Hill I) were key in making this possible. They took them around to look at several apartments, make sure they were in a safe area and had CPR and First Aid training, set up arrangements with movers, and helped them to purchase furnishings and other necessities for their home. MSC Anna Lisa Evans also played a big role in coordinating things for Michelle and her family throughout the process.

On the day of the big move Patrick and Michelle's families, and CDS Monarch staff showed up in full force to help them unpack and get settled in. Community Living staff Mindy Kirby, John Housel, Patricia Calhoun and Vanessa Tuckey have stopped in daily to assist Patrick and Michelle with anything they might need, from creating a grocery list to setting up their phone. Donovan Williams (Lonesome) provides transportation for Patrick to get to work. A huge thank you goes out to everyone who played a part in making this dream come true for Patrick and Michelle.
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