Tamara started out four and a half years ago as a Treatment Coordinator at Penbrooke Creative Opportunities. For the past two years she has been working as a Medicaid Service Coordinator, seeking services and supports to help the 40 individuals that she works with to become more independent. She is responsible for coordinating ISP meetings, attending CSE meetings, helping individuals to get adaptive equipment or home modifications, finding the services that people want (including recreation and community activities), and helping individuals to maintain their benefits. While in the FSS department, Tamara has provided case management services not only to individuals with developmental disabilities, but she has also worked with Warrior Salute and recently completed additional training in order to start to providing Service Coordination through the Traumatic Brain Injury program. Additionally, she participated in a Leadership class while she was at Penbrooke, she has obtained her Broker certification and also serves on the internal audit committee for the Family Support Services department.

"Tamara's adaptability has allowed her to adjust her role to meet the needs of all individuals who seek services through CDS Monarch," stated Jackie Lange, Program Manager of Family Support Services.

"I just love helping the people I work with and seeing them achieve their dreams and goals," says Tamara. She says that "even if you feel overwhelmed or things get tough, it will always pay off in the end when you can see the impact you're making, and you see how happy people are because of what you did for them."

In her free time Tamara likes to spend time with her family and her kids, especially swimming in the pool or at the beach. Thank you Tamara for all that you do each day to support the mission of CDS Monarch to help people achieve their dreams!
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