Chad Williams joined the CDS Monarch team six years ago as a Medicaid Service Coordinator. From there he became a Treatment Coordinator for Transitions, and then two years ago he moved into the position he currently holds as a Senior Vocational Counselor. Chad works with individuals to create their plans and determine their employment goals. He puts together monthly summaries to help them track their progress and keep them focused on achieving the goals they have set. He also assists staff in the Hard Road Workshop with any concerns they might have, which includes supporting the new digitalAGENCY software. Recently, Chad stepped in to provide transportation, to and from work, for an individual who was hired in a new community placement. "I didn't want transportation to hold up the opportunity for this person's employment, so I offered to do it while we worked on setting up a more permanent solution."

"Chad consistently puts his heart and soul into everything he does," stated Teronce Holiday, Unistel Clinical Services Director. "He's showing the individuals and staff that when you work together, great things can be achieved!"

For Chad, the best part of his job is "being able to go out on the work floor and see everyone busy, laughing, and enjoying their work."

His advice for staff at CDS Monarch is to "go with the flow and maintain a positive attitude. You won't be able to change everything."

In his free time, Chad enjoys spending time with his family, especially his daughter, and he also likes being outside, golfing, going to the gym or playing his Playstation.

Thank you Chad for all your hard work and commitment to supporting the individuals at CDS Monarch to achieve their dreams!
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