When Angelo and Edna Garofolo decided that they wanted to move back to New York from Florida to be near their family for health reasons, they didn't know where they were going to live. They contacted an Eldercare worker at Lifespan, who helped them to locate senior housing options in the Rochester area and submit the applications. Their first choice was CDS Monarch Senior Living, but when they applied in December, they were told that it could be two years before an opening was available. However, because Angelo is a Korean War Veteran, the Garofolo's application was eligible for Veterans Preference, which bumped them up on the wait list. They were thrilled when an apartment became available for them in early May.

Angelo and Edna are still settling into their new home, but they are very happy with their new place. "We love the location, and it's a new building, and were able to bring our cat," says Edna. "And we were lucky enough to get a handicap-accessible unit, which was a blessing because of my past back injury."

In the short time they have been at CDS Monarch Senior Living, Edna and Angelo have gotten to know many of their neighbors, enjoyed hiking on the trails around North Ponds Park, and had a few visits from their grandkids. They also like to use the exercise room or the computers in the lounge while they do their laundry. Angelo goes golfing every Monday with his brother and some friends they grew up with, while Edna attends a weekly dance class to watch and catch up with her old ballet friends. "We have more time to do things that we like to do now because everything is taken care of at our new home," says Angelo. "This means we'll be able to enjoy our retirement."
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