James joined the CDS Monarch team as the Assistant Residence Manager for East Ridge Manor three years ago. He can often be found taking care of the paperwork, putting together schedules and delegating responsibilities. He also helps out the individuals with their budgets and personalizing their apartments. Recently, James covered as the manager at the Calkins Road residence for a few weeks while their manager was away.

"James always steps in to help out wherever he can. He is an awesome Assistant Manager and just an all-around great guy," stated Sandra Gross, Residence Manager at East Ridge Manor.

James, who says he's always thinking about the individuals, even when he's at home, shared that, "helping the individuals to get stuff done and seeing them become more independent" is his favorite part of the job.

He encourages other staff to "remember the importance of the role they play and stay focused on helping the individuals as much as possible to accomplish their goals."

James is currently attending school for business, and says that a few of his classes have really helped him to better understand how different people communicate.

When he's not busy with work or school, James just likes to spend time hanging out with his family and friends, especially his three kids. Thank you James for your hard work and dedication to the individuals at CDS Monarch!
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