Since the opening of the Wolf Life Transitions Center in 2008, CDS Monarch's Evening Activities program has held monthly, themed dances. These dances are a popular event for individuals from various agencies in the Rochester area.

"It is an opportunity for individuals to get dressed up, go out with friends and just have fun dancing," says Amy Popeck, Community Services Director.

Most recently, individuals enjoyed the annual Monarch Ball, and everyone looked great all dressed up and ready to dance.

Staff members Ajaleah Bobowski, Amy Welch and Linda Lizzo are the ones who make it all happen. These ladies, along with the support of a few volunteers, set up for the dances, decorate the Town Square, put out snacks and ensure that everyone is having a good time. Additionally, there are a number of residential staff members who help out by providing transportation for the individuals to and from the dances. Thank you to everyone who supports the dances and makes it a fun time for the individuals to socialize with their peers!
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