Noel has been working at CDS Monarch for a total of four years. After being a Support Specialist for her first year, Noel became the Assistant Residential Manager at Allen Road. In this position, she works hands on with the individuals, supporting all of their goals. She also passes medications, takes the individuals to appointments, and fulfills her administrative duties which include scheduling and making sure the reports and summaries get in on time.

"Noel takes initiative and takes on extra tasks when I'm not there" expressed Paula Hanna, Allen Road and Park Circle Residence Manager. "She is respectful with the individuals, families, and her peers. She is kind-hearted, hard working, and strives to help individuals have a good life and achieve their dreams. We are lucky to have her!"

"I model myself after the type of co-worker I'd like to have," stated Noel. She credits her success to her staff, stating, "I work with some incredibly dedicated and passionate people."

Her favorite part about her job is working with the individuals and seeing their faces everyday. Noel's words of wisdom to CDS Monarch employees is that time management is a key skill to have and to "never lose sight of why we do what we do in this organization."

When Noel is not hard at work for the individuals she supports at CDS Monarch, she enjoys riding her new bike, playing video games, and reading. Thank you for all you do at CDS Monarch, Noel! 
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