Alexis Bell has been a Support Specialist for the Community Habilitation program since June 2008. Throughout her years, she has worked with many different individuals in their homes and throughout their community to assist them in becoming as independent as possible. She goes to different individual's homes and works with them on their various goals such as exercising, cleaning, financial and cooking goals.

"She shows a great deal of compassion to the individuals she is working with who may have some issues or concerns at home and is a source of comfort and support for them when they need her," stated Mindy Kirby, Program Manager for Community Habilitation. "She is always professional and courteous to the individuals, families, and other employees she works with and she has received nothing but praise from everyone."

Alexis is always flexible when it comes to accommodating any schedule changes the individuals need to make and is able to start working with a new individual admitted into the program and adapt to their needs with no problem. "If there is a goal an individual wants to accomplish, I do everything I can to help them attain that goal," she stated. Her favorite part about her job is when an individual reaches his or her goal. Some words of wisdom Alexis would give are to "be patient and willing to push individuals to reach their goals."

Outside of work, Alexis enjoys spending time with her daughter and family. Thank you for all that you do for the individuals at CDS Monarch, Alexis!
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