Rob, a resident of Marshall Road, went to The Guitars and Stars show on Wednesday  April 10. Colt Ford, Jerrod Niemann, Joanna Smith, and Craig Morgan were all together on the stage performing their music and talking about their lives. 

Rob listens to WBEE through out the day and hears the concerts being announced. Rob is a huge fan of the station's "The Bee Morning Coffee Club" so hearing that the crew, Steve, Terry, and Newman, were going to be there made him even more excited. When Ben and Rob were buying t-shirts, they ran into the members of the show. The three personalities told Rob that they are grateful to have such a big fan and gave him a high five. 

One of Rob's favorite artists, Montgomery Gentry, who he had met at a previous concert, was head lining the show. "I think Rob was the loudest one there and he knew all of the songs," commented Benjamin.  After the show Rob said "That was the best concert I have ever been too".

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