Valarie Floyd has been working at CDS Monarch as a Support Specialist for eight years. She regularly provides direct care for the individuals at Park Circle by preparing healthy meals and assisting with laundry. Valarie also goes grocery shopping for the house every week and prepares the menus and recreation calendars for the individuals' outings each month. In addition to all of these tasks, she also transports the individuals to their appointments.

Valarie's favorite part about her job is listening to the individuals and what their dreams are, and then making those dreams come true. "If there's a food or activity they want to try, I pass that on to our manager and make it happen," stated Valarie.

Along with making the individuals' dreams come true, Valarie goes above and beyond by advocating in any other area that is needed, even if it is not a part of her assignment. According to Paula Hanna, Park Circle Residence Manager, Valarie "does a lot of extras at Park. She takes everything head on. Val takes a genuine interest in all the ladies that live there and empowers them to be their best!"

Valarie's words of wisdom for CDS Monarch employees is that "Everything needs to revolve around the individuals and their needs. This is the foundation. Everything else is an extension of that."

Outside of caring for the individuals at Park Circle, Valarie enjoys reading and writing poetry. She loves her other job as a Preacher and spending time with her family. Thank you Valarie for your all of your hard work and commitment to the individuals at CDS Monarch!
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