Congrats to Adrian E. at Espocinema on his first feature film, "Bury My Heart With Tonawanda"! Adrian receives service coordination through CDS Monarch, which has helped him to pursue his interest in filmmaking.

Adrian E. always wanted to pursue filmmaking. As a child he was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, a disability on the Autism Spectrum. At times this made the path to his goals a challenge - one that Adrian took on headfirst. With help from his mother and biggest advocate, Kristina Nomeika, his dream has become a reality.

The film focuses on John, a boy with Down Syndrome, who is shunned by 19th century society and finds love and acceptance with the Tonawanda Seneca Nation. The film was made to teach its audience about the Seneca, a group who believes that children like John are sent to us as messengers and teachers.

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