Community Living is a new initiative by CDS Monarch, designed to take service delivery to the next level for individuals and their families. While traditional models once separated services (like Day Habilitation or Clinical Care), Community Living reframes the focus on what an individual specifically needs. Thus, one person may receive Occupational Therapy once a week in their home. Another might attend a Day Program for two hours, and then receive Physical Therapy at their home for another hour. Another individual might only want respite services on the weekend. The possibilities are endless! In doing so, individuals are put first as they work toward their personal dreams.

What does this mean for CDS Monarch? Exciting things! There will be opportunities to meet new people, learn new ways of supporting individuals, and help others fulfill their lifelong goals.

When is this all taking place? Over the course of this year. The Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) is restructuring in order to better fit this model, and will work closely with the pilot DISCOs to coordinate in the new service environment. Changes in CDS Monarch's organization have already begun and will continue moving forward. For more information about what New York State is doing you can visit, or contact Andrew Sewnauth, Administrator for the Community Living Program, by email at, or by phone at 347-1065.
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