Luis has been a part of the CDS Monarch team for nearly 10 years. He joined the Transportation department as a Dispatcher and Van Driver, and he enjoyed every minute of it. However, Luis decided he wanted to try something new, something that would challenge him and increase his skills. In July he transferred to Unistel's Blossom Road facility to become a Production Supervisor. There he is responsible for making sure that the individuals have everything that they need to complete their work on the spice line - bottles, caps, spices, labels and more. He also helps the individuals to stay on task, and works with them to overcome any difficulties they may be experiencing.

"When you come here to work, you need to love what you're doing first, and you need to understand those you are working with," says Luis. "Have patience when it takes them a little longer to do something, and always ask how you can help them."

"Luis has been a great addition to the Unistel Production team," commented Joe Perdicho, Acting VP of Unistel Operations. "He is hard working, motivated and works very well with our individuals."

When Luis isn't working he loves to go fishing and enjoys riding his bike. Thank you Luis for giving your all to the individuals you support each and every day!
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