Patricia "Pat" Tappan-Ellson has been a part of the CDS Monarch Family for the past 20 years, working in numerous residences during that time. For the past several years Pat has been at Lonesome Road where she passes medications, helps with grocery shopping, prepares individuals for events or personal activities, and teaches them daily living skills like cleaning and cooking.

Pat's favorite part of her job has been "getting to know these individuals, their potential and being a part of their growth, as well as building everlasting friendships with them."

Her advice to other staff at CDS Monarch is to "get to know the character and personality of those you support, and get to know them as individuals. Know what they need, what they want and how to best help them get that."

In her free time Pat enjoys gardening (she loves flowers), exercising and researching healthy living practices, and she also loves to cook. Pat is passionate about learning and is considering going back to school to take a few courses "just to learn some new things".

"Looking back, I'm so grateful that I came to CDS Monarch. I've learned a lot and given a lot, but it has all come back to me one-hundred-fold," says Pat.

Pat officially retired on Wednesday, August 29th, and we wish her the best of luck and a happy retirement! You will certainly be missed. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to the people we serve!
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