Brian Kennedy worked for CDS Monarch's IT Department for some time before he was deployed to Afghanistan with the National Guard earlier this year. While Brian was here, he grew a passion for the mission of CDS Monarch, and in particular, for Warrior Salute. "Working in an environment surrounded by Veterans of both the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars and seeing how much they gave in service to our country is a humbling experience," he said.

This is Brian's first deployment and third year of service. He is a Signal Soldier, as well as the Public Affairs Assistant and heir to a long military tradition of unofficial unit artists. Through his unique vision, artistic gifts and skill, Brian has developed everything from the design of the Task Force Iron tour coin to various paintings and drawings depicting 108th Infantry Soldiers in action. Brian's most recent work honors CDS Monarch and Warrior Salute - it took five hours to paint and was completed with supplies sent to him by fellow CDS Monarch employees. "If my art can bring even a simple smile to someone's face that gives me satisfaction enough," he says. We salute you and your fellow troops, and thank you for rallying behind us in the Aprons in Action contest!
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"CDS Monarch in Afghanistan"

Diane commented on Aug 23, 2012 at 12:00 am

"So very proud of our son Brian and all the 108th Infantry soldiers" Love, Mom & Dad

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