Chris started working at CDS Monarch 13 years ago working part time as an accounts payable assistant. Within the first six months of her employment, the full time accounts payable coordinator left her position and Chris took over, and she has been in the position for the past twelve and a half years! Chris is responsible for processing bills for the company and making sure everyone's paperwork and purchase orders are in taken care of. She also cuts a lot of checks - about 125 a week! Chris often works late to ensure that bills are paid on time. One of Chris' favorite parts of her job is getting everything to balance. "I love working with numbers," she said.

"Everybody needs to work together," Chris offered as her advice for other staff members. "Sometimes it is hard to realize what responsibilities other people have. If we all work together, everybody else's job is easier." While working in the business office she has realized the importance of understanding other people's positions.

Among Chris' favorite memories at CDS Monarch are participating in the annual "Teeing Off For Abilities" Golf Tournament and working on the golf committee to help plan the event, "I'm a big golfer!" In the past she volunteered at Camp Haccamo, the monthly dances and numerous other fundraising events at CDS Monarch.

"Chris is a hard working employee," said Judy Consadine, Controller. "She also has a history of volunteering at numerous events to support CDS Monarch and the individuals!"

In her free time, Chris loves to golf, read, garden and spend time with her four grandchildren. Thank you Chris for all of your years of hard work at CDS Monarch!
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