From April 2nd-July 2nd, CDS Monarch staff members worked hard to lose big as contestants of "The Biggest Loser" contest. This was the second round of "The Biggest Loser" competition, following the success of the first that took place at the beginning of the year.

Those in the contest learned to make smarter eating choices, exercise, and transform their lifestyles while losing weight. Each contestant tracked their progress through weekly weigh-ins. Jillian Holtz from BCO organized this contest. 

"I would like to recognize and thank Jillian," said Sheneiqua Shine, who came in 5th place and lost 21.1 pounds. "She let me cry when I gained, she celebrated with me when I lost; she supported me through this process by meeting with me after work, during work, and checked up on me via text."
The contest began with fifty-five people participating but the group dwindled down to a mere sixteen contestants by the end of the challenge. The sixteen who finished ended strong with a total combined weight loss of 300 pounds! 

Congratulations to Kim Albert, who placed in third and lost 23.1 pounds, James Duberry, who came in second and lost 24.7 pounds, and Colleen Freeman who was the first place winner and lost an outstanding 39.5 pounds! Keep making those healthy choices!
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