Unistel has launched its own retail brand. Warrior Salute Seasonings, combines the best of gourmet freshness with the reliability of flavor, and all the packaging is done by the individuals and veterans working at our Blossom Road Spice Plant.

"We pride ourselves on quality and are passionate about delivering it again, and again." stated Sankar Sewnauth, President/CEO. "We have a rich history in delivering great tasting spices to the US Military all over the world, and we are excited to be able to now offer those same spices in the retail marketplace."

Customers can choose from 12 unique, gourmet blends, or two signature gift packs: the Griller's Creation or the Classic Set.

Along with providing a unique brand of seasonings to the local consumer, a portion of all proceeds from purchases help support the Veterans enrolled in Warrior Salute.

Warrior Salute Seasonings began welcoming customers on Thursday, May 24th at Eastview Mall, and online at www.warriorsaluteseasonings.com. We would like to extend a huge thank you to all of the staff who have signed up to work shifts at the kiosk alongside our Warrior Salute Veterans during the pilot stage. And to those who made this project a reality - Job well done!
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