Just in time for Memorial Day Weekend - Introducing Warrior Salute Seasonings! Unistel, a subsidiary of CDS Monarch, is launching gourmet, high quality seasonings that also benefit Veterans in the Warrior Salute program. They taste great and the grade of spices is so high - a little goes a long way!

Warrior Salute Seasonings is an independent, "micro" brand of Unistel--a subsidiary of CDS Monarch, Inc. Based on a 35 year history as a trusted partner, providing the best in quality and service to our US Military as well as small and large purveyors around the world. We have now created our own brand--offering you the freshness of homegrown right in your kitchen. All of our blending and packaging is done on our premises, so flavors aren't lost by the time they reach your doorstep. We pride ourselves on quality and are passionate about delivering it again, and again.

Learn more and shop at www.warriorsaluteseasonings.com
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