Duane (pictured on the far right) is in charge of all the shipping and receiving for incoming and outgoing products at CDS Monarch. He started at the agency in 1992 over in Fairport as a Production Aid. Then worked over at Blossom as a Production Supervisor for 10 years, and then in Residential at Imperial for three years, before finally coming to the Wolf Life Transitions Center, where he is now the Shipping & Receiving Supervisor.

When he first started, Duane wasn't sure if this was the field he wanted to be in, but he accepted the challenge, and became part of the family. "It's been a wonderful experience working here. And no matter what problem you may be struggling with outside of work, the guys are always happy to see you when you come in, and they always make you feel better with their high-fives and hellos. It's just like one big family."

Duane's advice to staff is to "look to those that you work with who have longevity with the agency. Listen to them, work with them - they have the experience with the individuals and can show you the best ways to go about your tasks."

In his free time Duane likes to go fishing, play frisbee with his dog, and go out to enjoy some live music on the weekends. Thank you Duane for 20 years of service!
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