Katie joined the CDS Monarch team in September 1987, starting out in Day Services when it was still in Fairport behind the bowling alley. She then became the Administrative Assistant for Webster Creative Opportunities when it opened in December 1990, and remained their for 12 years. After that she moved to Transportation for seven years, and then became a QA Investigator where she has been for the past four years. Her primary responsibilities are to ensure that individuals rights are upheld, as well as their safety and well-being.

Katie says that what she likes most about her work is "being able to make a difference in the lives of the individuals we serve and ensuring their protection and safety."

She also shared a favorite memory from the big ice storm in March 1991 when the two day programs were combined into one at Perinton Parkway. Katie said that all the staff really bonded together and did whatever they could to support the individuals and each other, even if that meant lending a hand at a site other than their usual one.

"If I had to describe CDS Monarch in one word, it would be 'Family'. I've always felt like the individuals and the staff here are all part of one big family, and it's just gotten bigger over the years. Even my own family has grown up with CDS Monarch," says Katie.
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