Wanda (left) with Sofia at BCO.
Wanda is celebrating her 22nd anniversary at CDS Monarch this month! Currently Wanda can be found working at the Wolf Life Transitions Center as an administrative assistant for Blended Creative Opportunities and Human Resources. However, Wanda spent almost 14 years in Residential and worked in some of the original homes that are no longer owned by CDS Monarch. She has also worked as a receptionist at Blossom, spent time in the service coordination department, and did sales for Unistel, before winding up as an admin at the Wolf Center.

"I love learning new and different things, and of course, spending quality time with the individuals. Those are the two things that I have enjoyed most about my time here," says Wanda.

Wanda has many fond memories of time spent with the individuals - fishing and boating at Camp Haccamo, having Halloween dances at Blossom, and bringing individuals home with her for the holidays.

"I feel like I am truly a part of CDS Monarch, because I have been here for so long. I have grown older with many of these individuals and they are just like family to me." Thank you Wanda for being a part of the CDS Monarch family for the past 22 years!
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