Arthur moved into CDS Monarch's Beckwith Road residence last year with a clear dream he wanted to achieve. He has always enjoyed marching bands and has gone to numerous drum and bugle corp competitions over the years, but he wanted to see marching bands in their most traditional setting - a parade. For Arthur, this meant the grandest parade of them all: The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. 

After a year of planning, the trip was on. Arthur and a brave staff member took on the crowds and bustle of the city. From authentic New York style slices of pizza to the spectacle of Time Square, Arthur experienced a bit of everything. But Arthur didn't have to brave the cold or the crowds at parade time. His hotel room overlooked the parade itself. So when the crowds became a bit much for his taste, the two went up to their room and pulled up a chair at their hotel window where they got to see some very large balloons up close and personal. Arthur said he enjoyed the parade and the experience of various sights in the city. He brought back an arm load of souveneirs, and a head full of memories.

And on the way there and back he was able to enjoy the train ride he has looked forward to for a year. Arthur has spent many an hour watching the trains that cross behind his home, dreaming of riding on one. And in a four day time period, he was able to get the train ride, experience the parade, and view the city has has longed to see.
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