October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month!

Finding jobs for people is always a challenging task - but in this market, it is especially difficult. What makes for a good job opportunity? A "warm" lead!  If friends, family, housemates, neighbors, and acquaintances all got involved in the process of networking, the all important "inside track" on job leads would translate to more CDS individuals finding employment in the Rochester community. Also, when someone recommends a candidate personally for a position, that person's chances of getting an interview (so they can prove they are a great fit for the job) go through the roof!

So at your next dinner with friends, or during a house or family get-together, take a few minutes to bring up the topic of part time jobs. Ask if anyone knows of any entry-level jobs that might be opening up in the near future... then call your CDS job developer, Laura Elliott-Tadio, at (585) 347-1613, or e-mail her at LElliottTadio@cdsunistel.org, with the scoop. Even if you don't know of someone who is looking for a job in a particular field or geographic area, Laura does! If you have any questions about the process of hiring an individual through Supported Employment, you can contact Laura about that as well.
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