On August 24th, Robbie M. fulfilled one of his personal dreams by attending a Kenny Chesney concert at CMAC in Canadaigua, with his advocate and his residential nurse.  
Robbie is a huge country music fan.  He has several Kenny Chesney CDs, as well as one of his concerts on DVD.  He often chooses one of these as his musical selection in the evenings and he loves to watch the live concert footage.
Robbie's advocate, Christine Langner, heard about the concert on the radio, and when she told him about it he was very excited at the idea of going.  Christine made the arrangements for Robbie, and made sure that he was decked out in full cowboy style, with a new hat and a Kenny Chesney t-shirt.  Christine and Robbie's residential LPN Shannon Guidice both accompanied him at the concert.  Robbie had an amazing time - smiling and laughing throughout the entire show.  He really enjoyed the music and the concert atmosphere.
Robbie and his staff spent the night in Canandaigua and returned home the next day.  Robbie was so tired out from the concert that he slept nearly until checkout time.  A heartfelt thank you to everyone that worked so hard to make Robbie's trip so memorable and make his personal dream come true!
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