The purpose of this post is to educate the community and increase awareness about individuals with disabilities. Remember to be respectful and have an open mind when interacting with individuals with disabilities. By doing these things, both you and the individual will feel more comfortable.

- Treat individuals with disabilities like you would treat anyone else. (Look at us as people first, not just as people in a wheelchair or with a handicap.)
- Offer to help out when you can, but don't just assume that a person isn't capable of doing something for themselves.
- Have patience. We are capable of doing many things, it might just take us a little longer, or we may do it a different way.
- Teach children about individuals with disabilities to make them feel more comfortable when they meet someone with a disability.
- Get involved. There are a number of volunteer opportunities available at CDS and other organizations that support people with disabilities.
- To learn more about disabilities you can visit the Center for Disability Rights website or the federal government's website.

Even though a person has a disability, they are still able to do many things, even if it takes a little extra effort.

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