A group of individuals from CDS had a very exciting and elaborate dance performance with third graders at the Harley School on Wednesday, March 30th. A total of six individuals and two staff members from the Blended Creative Opportunities Program volunteered their time and dedication in order to put on this performance.
The group practiced every Monday and Wednesday for an entire month with dance therapist Susan Ware. A total of four dances were learned. Each dance had a different name: Fish Sticks, Movement Choir, Joy Dance, and One World. The individuals went to the Harley School every Tuesday and Friday to teach the third graders the four dances. Each of the individuals had a group of four students that they were responsible for teaching.
At the final performance of "Dancing in the Streets" everyone got to show off the dance moves they had been rehearsing. A good time was had by all in attendance and the dancers really learned a lot from one another.
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